Customer Designs

Special production

The Heat Transfers are printed by screen printing on paper previously, hence the name because they are "transferable" from paper to the t-shirt of a very fast, seconds, applying heat by heat presses printing.

In this paper we offer two sizes of sheet to make Transfers, both for small/big productions to use many or few inks, these leaves are getting later guillotined individual Heat Transfers may be affixed in those colors and sizes of clothing that you most interest.

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Serigraphic Heat Transfers

Sheet 48x68 cm

Transfers 48x68 cmWith this size of sheet may make Transfers of up to 8 inks using any techniques Serigraphic Heat Transfers.










Sheet 84x57 cm

Transfers 84x57 cmBigger than the previous one and focus for large productions or design for wide range of color, this sheet size allows Transfers make up to 12 inksusing any techniques Serigraphic Heat Transfers.

The technique Double component will always be used in these productions.






Customize your own sheet

We make blade assemblies to their customers according to their production needs, but the greatest advantage of working with us is the possibility that you may personally customize your own sheet of fabrication, allowing well make the most of their production. Even printing surface may gain if you decide to cut yourself and not have to stay trim and the space, all depends on your need and comfort.

We focus its efforts to give the best customer service always trying to offer solutions and options to suit your needs.

Transfers 48x68 cm Guillotined Transfers 48x68 cm Without guillotine

You will have to take into account some information available here for download:

Please contact us to get Customizing Sheet sample. 

Strass or Multitransfer Heat Transfers

Strass and Multitransfer

Realize your designs in Strass or Multitransfer, see the color charts and material types available for use and you can see how far he can get his turn a design already made or otherwise, in a much more colorful and bright.

Prices are subject to quantity, material and size. Order to budget a design is necessary so we can see the design to make.