Embroidery Fabric

Temperature:  170 to 180ºC  Pressure: 4 Bar - Media
Time: 8 to 10 "
Washing: 40°C

Embroidery Fabric Heat Transfers

Heat adhesive patches

Embroidey Fabric Heat Transfers- Heat adhesive patches

  • Resistance and quality
  • Make your own designs


IGA presents new embroidery transferable. 
Now you can print and decorate your clothes by giving them the quality finish typical of the classical art of the stitch and thread. 
You can create shields or embroidered logos for your club, restaurant, equipment, company gym...

!!!! In our annual catalog will also find a collection of embroidery/fabric designs as letters and numbers of different sizes and colors.

They are suitable grounds to customize any item with a score of excellent quality, durable and highly resistant to washing.

Possibility of a plate affixed to home (15 seconds by pressing firmly on the side and 15 on the back the same way) or the printing machine at 175°-180° C for 8 seconds. It is advisable to wash at 40° and not use the dryer.

The minimum amount for your own custom designs is 100 units.


We recommend testing before initiating a series stamping as there may be tissues that do not support very high temperatures required for transfer dye fabrics that are degraded by contact with transfer inks or materials such as acrylic that could acquire lustrous.