Temperature:  170 to 180ºC  Pressure: 4.5 Bar - Media  Time: 10 to 12 "
Extraction: Temperate
Washing: Cold -30°C

Multitransfer Heat Transfers

Mixed Media

Transfer Multitransfer - Técnicas Mixtas

  • Countless materials


Transfer in which different materials are combined within the same image such as glass, metal, fabric, flock, glitter.

The Multitransfer Heat Transfers can develop an idea using material within the drawing you want. Easy application in a printing allows us to print on any type of tissue and its main market is the clothing and fashion.


We recommend testing before initiating a series stamping as there may be tissues that do not support very high temperatures required for transfer dye fabrics that are degraded by contact with transfer inks or materials such as acrylic that could acquire lustrous.