Double Component

165 to 180ºC 
Pressure: 4.5 Bar - High 
Time: 4 to 8 " 
Removal: Heat 
Washing: Cold -30°C

Double Component
Heat Transfers

Extra grip

Transfer Doble Componente - Extra Adherente

  • Stamp lycra, nylon, polyester ...
  • More durability and resistance to washing

It is an adhesive that joins the end of manufacture of Transfer for greater elasticity and tissue penetration, thus allowing elastic fabric stamping, and difficult without the twin-couldpresent some difficulty.

The Double Component Heat Transfers can be applied to the Hot Split Transfers, Puff, High Definition and Metallics. 

IGA implementing the Double Component in all designs of Catalog and recommends that customers use in production of Transfers with own designs.

We recommend testing before initiating a series stamping as there may be tissues that do not support very high temperatures required for transfer dye fabrics that are degraded by contact with transfer inks or materials such as acrylic that could acquire lustrous.